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We produce accurate and functional parts extremely fast, from low to high volumes.

Industrial Service Center 3D

Previously, customer-specific services required complete production lines, milling and injection molding machines, large number of staff that cost a lot of money and time. By the beginning of the 20th century, this had changed considerably and new thinking approches were needed: today the customer expects quality work in short time for competitive remuneration.

In the face of new tecnological and human challenges, we see an opportunity, not a threat, as we work at the heart of global innovation renewal. Industrial Service Center 3D is a cluster of additive manufacturing technology with a unique 3D machinery and related service portfolio. Extremely advanced 3D printing technologies remove the production constraints of traditional manufacturing technologies, eliminate forced trade-offs, increase the functionality of manufactured parts, and drastically shorten production cycles.

Our main goal is to serve our clientele professionally, globally and competitively by providing customized 3D printing, extensive machine coverage, and the highest level of engineering. With the available technology, we can print the most complex geometries from variety of materials.


In addition to 3D printer related activities, the cluster member companies also deal with other engineering services, Research & Development projects (custom part design, aftermarket / broken parts, repair, etc.). If you have your idea but you need help, or got a question with the designing, you can ask for consultation from our engineers by phone or e-mail.

In recent years, more space-printing technologies have emerged that greatly outperform ther predecessors in speed and quality. The pioneering role of 3D printing in the production of custom parts and continuous evolution of printers has now reached a level where we no longer need to think in smaller volumes. We produce extremely fast, accurate and functional parts, from low to high volumen.

We are looking forward to reaching out to individuals and corporate sector, working with our engineers to meet all your desing and manufacturing needs.

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