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Functional 3D printing and related complex services


Individual and precious 3D printer machinery on international levels


3D model designing and printing, from low to high volume

HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200 3D printer

We use the HP MJF 4200 3D printer to create prototypes and mid-size samples that meet stricter requirements both visually and mechanically. Using this technology, the machine and its prints open up new opportunities in additive manufacturing.

3D Systems Multi Jet Printing 2500 Plus 3D printer

This machine is a high-precision 3D printer that uses UV-curable plastic as building material and wax as supporting. The technology prints on a metal tray, layer-by-layer. The final printing result is visually flawless, but has narrower mechanical limit when it is compared to injection molding.



Cluster’s leading partner: EBK-Hungary Ltd.


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