When ordering, the most important information is the geometry and number of pieces required

Ordering informations

If you would like to receive a quote as soon as possible, please attach the 3D model with the size of the enclosure and your contact number to the email sent to arajanlat@isc3d.hu. The extensions you can send are listed at the bottom of the page.

The following information was created to facilitate the process of getting started.

When ordering, the most important information is the geometry and number of pieces required. Geometry, if there is a specific model, can be accepted in most CAD file formats. Otherwise, a helpful design team is available to implement the ideas, whether through drawing or personal consultation. We also provide replacement and replacement parts, as well as remodeling and manufacturing broken, damaged parts. Our number capacity is strongly related to the size and complexity of the model, but generally speaking we can handle 1 to more than 1000 pieces.

The number of pieces and the geometry provide enough information to make a printed part, but to ensure its successful and functional application, we also need to know what the product needs to perform. Are there predetermined / predictable mechanical conditions and stresses that you have to endure. We need to know the accuracy requirements and the surface quality requirements where relevant. We consider it important to ensure not only printing, but also its successful implementation, and in some cases, we may propose modifications if we know that the original idea would not be long-lived. We also provide expert engineers with assistance in material and technology choices. After sending and / or discussing the information described above, we will be able to quote.

Quotation request

Send the following details to arajanlat@isc3d.hu:

  • model / drawing
  • dimensions
  • your telephone number.

If you do not have a model, you can send a technical drawing, or if there is no drawing, ask for a personal consultation via email and send your phone number so we can contact you.


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